Jungle Biscuits

Jungle Biscuits

Another quick post with lots of photos. This time to show the jungle biscuits I made for my nephew’s 1st birthday.

Not sure you find all these animals in the jungle, but who cares?!

The cutters are Ann Clarke zoo ones from Amazon, and I used a heart one for the leaves and a unicorn one for the zebra (with the horn cut off!).

I used my usual biscuit and icing recipes. These were my designs.

And the finished articles

The elephant and hippo were simple. Just a grey outline, grey flooding and then a second outline once the flooding was dry.

The money was also pretty simple, I did a dark brown outline and then an outline of the face and belly in beige.

Then flooded it in the appropriate colour and piped on the face in black when the flooding was dry.

Leaf also simple – outline on the heart biscuit, flood and then pipe the pattern when flooding dry.

The giraffe I outlined in beige, put on some blobs of brown in flooding icing, white flooding on the legs, brown for the tail, nose and ears, and then piped round the blobs with beige flooding. I like the informality of the shapes. If you wanted more precision I would recommend flooding completely in beige and piping on the brown pattern once the flooding is dry.

The last one I did was the zebra. I experimented with adding the black stripes at the point of flooding, and it was a disaster. So I piped the black stripes on one of them once the white flooding was dry. And I’m completely in love with it. Both with and without a black outline.

For the black icing I tried a new experiment. I added this black cocoa to the icing.

It made a lovely dark grey, which I added some black food colouring to. And it made a fantastic black. It has a kind of Oreo taste, which I love, and used a lot less food colouring than normal, which is a good thing.

For the brown icing I added regular cocoa and brown food colouring.

Here they are at the party, plus some of the amazing other jungle themed things my sister made!

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