Copper Leaf Drinks Trolley

Copper Leaf Drinks Trolley

I have been lusting after a copper drinks trolley like this one and this one. But as most of them are at least £150 they are a little expensive.

I’ve had a blue Ikea Raskog trolley for a few years that was holding sewing supplies, and I thought I could do something with that. I don’t think they sell this colour anymore, but they still have it in different colours.

I’ve also become a little obsessed with gilding with gold leaf – I think I’ve watched too much ‘Escape to the Chateau -DIY’! I prefer copper to gold, so I thought I would try that instead.

I bought a starter kit from Wright’s Of Lymm which had brushes, copper leaf, gold size (glue) and varnish all in a handy tin.

Applying the copper leaf is pretty easy, if a little fiddly. You paint on the size and let it go tacky (like post it notes feel). Then you press on the leaf and brush over it with the soft brush that comes in the kit. It really doesn’t matter if it rips or there are gaps because you can just press on another piece, or leave the gap if you like a rustic look. The size stays tacky for ages, so there is no rush.

Beware it’s a messy job – the bits of leaf that you brush off get everywhere!

At first, I did the outside and inside of the main bits of the trolley and left the other bits blue.

However, I decided I wanted it all copper, so I thought I would try painting the legs. I had some copper coloured acrylic paint by Pebeo which I thought I would try.

It needed a couple of thin coats, but I think it looks pretty effective. I like the fact it’s a slightly different shade to the trays. I decided to leave the mesh at the bottom of the trays blue. I may spray them copper at some point in the future, but for now I’m done. I haven’t varnished it, but if I notice the copper leaf stating to chip off I will.

If I was to do this again, I would spray paint the legs and the mesh bottoms of the trays with copper paint first. That would be easier and quicker, and give a lovely even finish. Then I would apply the copper leaf. But I already had the acrylic paint, so I went with that!

My sister suggested some copper fairy lights – because apparently it wasn’t bling enough! So I added these tiny battery powered ones from Amazon

And here is the finished result…

It fits perfectly between two of my cabinets, but because it has wheels it can be pulled out if I need easy access. The lights add a nice little touch if I’m having a dinner party, and overall I’m very happy with it.

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