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Wardrobe to Larder Cupboard

Wardrobe to Larder Cupboard

I have long lusted over the beautiful larder cupboards you see in the pages of glossy magazines and on Pinterest.

They’re a bit expensive, and I had a wardrobe I bought second hand to be a toy cupboard for my daughter that wasn’t being used, so I thought I would have a go at converting it into a larder cupboard. I bought it for £100, and even though it was in a second hand shop it was brand now. I googled it, and it would have cost £1000 full price.

Here it is pre-make-over. I had already removed the hanging rail and added a couple of shelves, so I knew turning it into a larder was possible with a bit of graft.

Firstly I painted it and replaced the handles/door knobs. The paint was Rustoleum satin finish furniture paint in slate. It doesn’t need primer or even to sand the furniture beforehand. I added a sample pot of Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue to give it a bit darker and give it more of a blue tone. I’ve never used the Rustoleum paint before, and I was very impressed. Goes on very smoothly and it just took two coats. I put masking tape on the top panel so I could keep it pine coloured, which makes it match some of my other furniture (you can see it just to the right in the picture below). I didn’t paint the inside as I like the wood bare.

The hardware is from Premier Door Handles.

I bought two wooden wine racks from ikea. They’re called Hutten- see here. You have to assemble them, but it’s pretty simple. They each hold 9 bottles, so plenty of wine!

The shelves are from Wickes. It’s called General Purpose Timberboard and you can buy it in different lengths and widths. Unfortunately they don’t do a cutting service anymore, so I had to break out my trusty jigsaw to make them exactly the right width and length!

The existing shelves were too deep because I wanted to add spice racks to the backs of the doors, so I trimmed them and cut the new shelf to size.

Obviously you could paint them, but I love the bare wood interior look.

I used these shelf supports from Homebase, because that’s what I had lying around. They are supposed to be for glass shelves, so might not be strong enough, so I may end up changing them.

The final touch is a couple of spice racks that I bought from Silver Apple Wood. They are great because they do them in lots of different widths and number of shelves. These are the deep ones, which means they will take larger items than just spice jars. They are made to order, and they took a couple of weeks to arrive.

I made a mistake with these though – I ordered two the same width, not realising the doors are slightly different widths. I need to get a slightly narrower one.

They’re easy to fix to the door, and come with all the fixings you need. I had to switch to shorter screws as the one supplied were too long for the depth of the door.

And here is the finished item. I’m super proud of how it looks, and can’t wait to fill it.

So how much did I save?

The spice racks were £50 each, and the wine racks £8 each. The hardware was £18.50 and the shelf £20. The paint was about £20. Total £157.50. If you include the cost of the two shelves I had previously fitted (£40) and the wardrobe (£100), it comes to just under £300. The ones I’ve seen are at least £700, so I’ve saved minimum £400.

Now I’m off to clear out my over-stocked kitchen cupboards and fill this one!

Update – completed cupboard with the second spice rack added – perfect for baking paraphernalia.