Homemade booze from the larder

Homemade booze from the larder

Another post about homemade booze – I feel like a lush!

These two are made from store cupboard staples, and are both nice and wintry.

The first is inspired from watching the new Paddington movie (which me and my daughter both loved), and it is, of course, marmalade gin.

Recipe is a Good Housekeeping one, and can be found here.

I made it tonight, (late November), so it should be nice and ready by Christmas, when I will post a photo of it decanted into nice bottles. Right now it looks like this…

I imagine it will make good cocktails.

The second one is very Christmassy. It’s mulled gin, and is a recipe from Morrisons supermarket. It can be found here. It’s basically gin, orange peel, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves and sugar.

I made more than the stated recipe, and just added a bit more sugar and cinnamon sticks, but left the rest of the ingredients the same. After hearing to melt the sugar, this is poured m straight into the bottles, and looks really pretty. It shouldn’t need straining. It would look nice in small bottles as Christmas gifts.

It also has to be left for at least two weeks, so make it by the first week in December if you want it to be ready in time for Christmas.


This is what they looked like decanted.

Very similar in colour – the marmalade gin was slightly lighter. And the both taste absolutely amazing. I particularly liked the marmalade one, and my sister loved the mulled one – she mixed it with Fever Tree aromatic tonic to spice it up even more.

When I make the mulled one again, I might prick the cranberries to help them impart more of their flavour.

Both a huge hit!

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