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Cardamon, White Chocolate and Pistachio Cakes

Cardamon, White Chocolate and Pistachio Cakes

I decided to enter our work Bake Off competition , and whilst casting around for a suitable cake to bake, came across this little beauty in The Cardomon Trail, which is the amazing cookbook by Chetna Makan, who was a contentstant on the 2014 series of Bake Off.

It’s a really gorgeous book, and can be bought here on Amazon at a pretty reasonable price (I think I got it for about a fiver).

If you don’t fancy the whole book, then the recipe is on the Delicious magazine website here

I did a practice run and made a big cake just like in the recipe. And for the bake off competition I made mini cakes with my totally brilliant Lakeland mini cake tin. Each ‘hole’ is loose bottomed, and you basically make mini sandwich cakes with it.  Buy the tin here. I’m completely biased because I grew up just down the road from the original Lakeland factory (once known as Lakeland Plastics), but I do think they do the best bakeware. And I always have a little trip there when I go and visit my folks (fab cafe too!).

The second time I also forgot to include the white chocolate chips, and cut down the amount of cardamon to 3/4 teaspoon as it was quite strong the first time around. They were less sweet without the white chocolate chips, but the icing is very sweet, so it really didn’t matter.

I also recommend getting unshelled pistachios (for the decoration, I don’t think it matters for the ones in the cake) as I did a taste test and they taste 1000% better if you shell them then chop them rather than buying a packet of already shelled ones.

I also used President unsalted butter to make the icing because it’s very light in colour and whips up really white. I used my stand mixer to make the icing and let it mix for quite a while so the icing was gorgeously soft and fluffy.

I also added some (edible) pansies to make it look super pretty.

This really is a fantastic, and very different type of cake, and I really recommend it.

And for those who are curious, yes I won my heat of the bake off. Onto round two – bread week (eek!).