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The Cutting Patch – Little Vases of Loveliness

The Cutting Patch – Little Vases of Loveliness

I love growing flowers in my garden, both to make the garden look lovely, and to cut and bring into the house.

In fact I even turned one of my raised beds into a cutting patch, to keep me going with a supply of flowers for the whole summer.

This is when it was just planted up (7th May). Copper rings round the dahlias to protect them. Dahlias stay in there all winter. I lose a few each year, but usually only a couple. And I’m too lazy to take them out each year.

This is what it looks like right now (mid June – netted at the moment to keep the cats/foxes off). Stocks flowering already.

This year I’ve planted:

Dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, nigella, cornflowers, stocks, and one solitary marigold!

This is what it looked like in high summer last year (post a picking session, so looking a bit bare – but that’s kind of the point – they are not grown to look make the garden look pretty)

And here are some little vases of loveliness from last year…

I’ve also got loads of sweet peas growing elsewhere in the garden, which give an endless supply of sweet smelling flowers.

And even though The cutting patch isn’t ready yet, the garden is already providing some little pots of gorgeousness:

Can’t wait for these peonies to burst into life. They are a mix of Pillow Talk and Sarah Bernhardt.

2016 update – mid June

This was taken in the car. I picked some flowers to take to a friend in a jar. Car cup holders are great places to transport little pots of flowery loveliness.

1st weekend in July…

5th July – this is what the patch looks like today. Quite a change from 2 months ago when it was planted out! Cornflowers, calendula and stocks going strong. Zinnias, cosmos, chrysthanthemums (the annual kind) and dahlias all about to burst into life.

Vases for the 1st weekend in August. I’m now cutting flowers once or twice a week, and making plans to put in loads of tulip bulbs so I get cut flowers from March to November!