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Pot Luck – round 2

Pot Luck – round 2

So last years pot experiment wasn’t overly successful. Mostly not enough in each pot, and not enough thought gone into it.

So I’m trying again this year. It’s a bit of a faff planting out lots of pots each year (and I have a lot of pots!), so I’m going more for perennials with a bit of annual flower interest. I’ve also taken all of my tulips out of the pots and put them in the flower bed. I’m trying to cut down the amount to do in the garden so I can spend more time just enjoying it.

These were planted out the 2nd weekend in May, and I will post updates later in the year.

Alyssum and the only chrysthanthemum which made it through the winter (froggy I think)

A lavender standard, alyssum and Aubrieta Kittie Blue

4 scented carnations edged with lobelia

A mixture of purple pansy, helichrysum gold, lobelia, calibrachoa can can coral reef,  bidens aurea. Colours inspired by a bouquet from bloom and wild that I sent to my sister! I already quite like this one.

Climbing rose with alyssum planted for a bit of trailing interest at the bottom

Salvia with trailing verbena

Helichrysum gold and two verbenas

Standard rose (cheap from Tesco)!with two helichrysum (silver?), lobelia and verbena

A bunch of the pots together. Looking nice already I think.

Perpetual wallflower (erysimum) with verbena and alyssum. You can’t see it from this photo, but the verbena at the front is the most amazing light silvery mauve, and looks amazing at dusk. It’s Aztec silver magic. And I love it.


Standard lavender (from ikea!) with alyssum. Tagetes (various, 3 in a pot) and helichrysum in front.

Three rudbeckia (summerina collection from Thompson & Morgan) – perennial rudbeckias.

With purple plant from Homebase behind (can’t remember the name!)

Scabiosa ( with wallflower behind)

And here is one I’ve done at the beginning of June

A petunia (no name – cheap one from the market) with chocolate cosmos choca mocha (perennial cosmos that smells of chocolate). Also popped a rudbeckia that I had grown from seed in there. Can’t remember what it is as the label had faded, time will tell!
June update (10th June, so about 4 weeks after they were planted up).

Some already looking quite pretty..

Stocks – could maybe have squashed a few more in. Maybe 5 rather than 3. They smell great though. And I put some in the cutting patch so I can have them in the house.

Chrysanthemum froggy looking a bit slug eaten! But the alyssum looks pretty.

I love these verbena, but they are quite unpredictable. You can’t tell if they are going to grow up or sideways!  Looks nice with the wallflower though, which looks like it’s going to continue to flower for a while.   It also looks great next to the scabiosa (just in the edge of the picture on the left) as its a very similar colour. I wonder what they would look like in a big pot together. Maybe one for next year.

Still liking this one. Waiting for the pansy and the calibrachoa to flower again.

Like the lobelia around the edge. It’s such a tough little bedding plant, and comes in lots of lovely colours. This is going to look amazing soon when the dianthus flower. I cut off lots of the early buds to try and get them to flower, and it looks like it has worked.

This is definitely a success. The bees love the salvia, and I love how it looks with verbena at the bottom.

Also love how this is looking. Nice mix of white verbena and lobelia with the silver helichrysum at the base of the standard rose. Just waiting for some more roses to appear.

Here are some before and afters. Photos on the right taken first weekend in July.