30 Day Shred – Level 2

30 Day Shred – Level 2

Wow. Level 2 is definitely a step up from level 1!

Some of the moves are difficult to get your head round, so I found myself watching the video quite a bit to make sure I was doing it right. You also need more space to move than in level 1. 

I did the first day last night, and this morning I’m not aching crazily, but definitely more aware of my abs.

So I’ve done all 10 days. Straight through with no days off. And I feel great! I even exercised on a weekend away, and on my (ahem) 45th birthday. I don’t know who this crazy exercising woman is, but I quite like her. 

I’m doing a mixture of the advanced and easy versions, and it definitely feels easier than 10 days ago. I feel ready for level 3. 

Other people are noticing – I went swimming with my sister and she commented on how trim I was looking. And I’ve just discovered I have ribs!! I can not only feel them, I can see them. Who knew?!

Everything feels much tighter and drawn in,  my back is definitely looking much more muscly and I keep showing people my guns. Proper muscle definition!! It’s not really showing up much in my measurements, but I don’t care because I can see and feel the improvement!

Here are some photos:


And a day 1 to day 20 comparison. 

Taking a day off today and then onto level 3 tomorrow. Bring it on!


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