30 Day Shred – Level 1

30 Day Shred – Level 1

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred for ages, and I’ve found a really good incentive to do it – I’ve booked to do a boudoir shoot at the end of January. Lots of photos of me in skimpy underwear – you bet I want to look good!

It’s a nice and short workout – just 20 minutes. I can do it in my living room. And all you need is a yoga mat and hand weights. Both of which I already have. 

I bought the DVD from Amazon for about a fiver. You can also get the videos free on YouTube. 

So today is the 30th December, and I did the first session. It’s broken into three levels, and I did level one.  It actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. I can’t do the full press up, but I wasn’t completely dead at the end of it, and could definitely go harder tomorrow. I used my lightest hand weights, but will go up a weight tomorrow and see how that feels. Off to yoga later (first time in ages), so that should stretch me out nicely. 

Here are some before photos so I can record progress. 

Would love to tone up my arms, back and butt! Not overly concerned about the weight loss aspect. I’m still doing the Slimming World thing, and am close to target, (abut 6lbs off) so anything that nudges me closer to that would be good. 

And here are some measurements:

Chest: 39″

Natural waist: 29″

Belly: 35″

Hips: 40″

Thigh: 23.5″

Bicep: 10.75″
Note I take two waist measurements – the natural waist is the thinnest bit, the belly is around the belly button. I tend to lose more off the latter. 

Day 2 – well despite thinking day 1 wasn’t so bad, I do ache quite a lot today. Mostly in my legs. But did level 1 again this morning, and it really is achievable! I think it being only 20 minutes, and lots of short exercises makes it go really fast. And I quite like Jillian’s tough love approach! I did go for my middle size hand weights (1.5kg), and it was absolutely fine. 

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. Let’s see how I get on with a hangover. Then I will take a day off on Saturday as I’m off to a spa for the day. I think I will need the massage I have booked! I do think it’s wise to have rest days to give your body time to recover. Maybe I will do a bit of yoga on Saturday instead. 

10 day update. I totally love this workout! It’s so great to do just 20 minutes and feel great afterwards. I have kept with the 1.5kg weights, except for the chest fly (I think that’s what it’s called – the one where you lie on the floor) – I use 2.5kg for that. I’m also doing the advanced version of all the exercises, except push-ups – still on my knees for that. 

I feel more toned, but not much difference measurements wise yet. 

-.25″ off my arm

-.5″ each off my waist and belly

+.5″ on my calves. Which I don’t mind because it’s giving me more shapely legs!

Here are some photos, taken immediately after workout 10 (excuse the washing drying in the background)!:


Not noticing much difference in the pictures (maybe a bit more toned on the back), but my arm and leg muscles and stomach definitely feel firmer. I think this is fairly typical. I’ve looked at a lot of other 30 day shred blogs, and it’s only really when you compare the beginning and end photos that you see a big difference. 

Side by side day 1 to day 10

        Day 1                             Day 10  


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