30 Day Abs Challenge

30 Day Abs Challenge

As part of my year of 30 day challenges, I’m doing a 30 day abs challenge for September.

Once upon a time I had a lovely shapely waist and flat stomach. After pregnancy and an emergency caesarean (and probably being over 40 doesn’t help!), I now put on weight on my stomach, and find it hard to shift.

Despite having lost 2.5 stones through slimming world, and about 8 inches from my stomach (I measure straight around where my belly button is), my stomach is still far from flat, and though I’m not interested in getting washboard abs, I would like it to be a bit flatter. I like my curves, and I love a fitted dress, and they look so much nicer if your stomach isn’t sticking out. And it will mean I don’t have to dig out the Spanx when I want to wear a clinging dress!

I love Pinterest for finding fitness stuff, and checked out quite a few 30 day ab challenges. Some are completely hardcore, and I chose one that I thought was achievable (lesson learnt from the failed 30 day plank challenge).

I chose this challenge from blogilates. It builds nicely from a relatively easy start, and is definitely doable in less than 10 minutes (I do fitness stuff in my bedroom when my daughter is in the bath in the evening – it’s a habit I got into when I was doing the 21 day arms challenge, and I find it works really well). I downloaded and printed the picture, and the blog post has clear instructions how to do the exercises.

So (deep breath), here are some before pictures..

  Waist is 30.5″ and lower waist (belly button level) 36″

And ta da…  Here I am 30 days later. I have been continuing on my Slimming World quest, so have lost about half a stone too (I’m a believer in the saying that a six pack starts in the kitchen not the gym!):

 Measurements: waist 30″, lower waist 34.5″

It’s definitely not a six pack, but my stomach feels much firmer and feels more ‘pulled in’. It’s not just the fat loss (though that of course helps), I can definitely see it is more defined, and feels less jiggly!!

Here is a side by side comparison.

All in all very happy, and plan to continue doing the same exercises twice a week, and keeping up with slimming world (10lb to go to target). Flat stomach here I come!

Now November is all about the butt…!


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