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The Great Marigold Experiment

The Great Marigold Experiment

I love marigolds, and I’m constantly buying seeds for different types to test out in the garden.  Actually, I just love growing things from seed, it’s not restricted to Marigolds! 

I find them exceptionally easy to grow from seed, and they are incredibly prolific – flowering all through summer. And they self seed like crazy. I have a whole load of plants in front of my raised bed where they self seeded from last year.

I grow them at the edges of my raised beds, and they do a great job of attracting black fly and keeping it off the other plants.

Apparently, Marigold is the name applied to two different plants (I just looked that up Here!), I like both and grow them together. I thought I would share a few of my favourites here.

Of course there is the traditional English or Pot Marigold (calendula official is). Which is tall and gives large flower heads. This bunch has a mixture of the usual yellow ones and some lovely varieties called Sunset Buff (my favourite pot marigold) and Indian Prince.  These are tall enough to put in a normal tall vase. 

And then there is the French variety (Tagates), which tend to produce smaller, bushier plants, and flowers with shorter stems. I put them in small bases, in fact I often use Morrocan tea glasses or mini milk bottles.

This is French honeycomb

And French ‘naughty marietta’ (great name!), with sunset buff in there too. There is also a red one in there that is from a mixed seed packet called marigold pots of gold.

And French vanilla cream – which is very yellow!

Finally I have an African marigold called Kees orange. Also a Tagates, but is taller than the French variety. What a gorgeous colour. It could become my new favourite marigold.

I also have a French red cherry, but no flowers on that today.  Will post some pictures soon.

Which is your favourite?