Low Fat (Low Syn) Frozen Yoghurt 

Low Fat (Low Syn) Frozen Yoghurt 

I’m always on the look out for low fat/low calorie versions of my favourite foods, and I recently bought an ice cre maker so I can make low fat frozen yoghurt.

For the first one one I thought I would use  Choc Shot, which is my new favourite thing. It’s a chocolate flavoured syrup made with ‘Sweet Freedom’ which is a sweetener made from fruit. It has 14 calories per teaspoon, and I love it drizzled over fruit and yoghurt.

There are three flavours.: chocolate, chocolate and coconut (like a liquid Bounty bar) and spiced orange chocolate (which to me tastes like Green & Blacks Maya Gold).

I decided to use the coconut one for the first outing of my ice cream maker.

I had some Yeo Valley 0% fat plain yoghurt, which I strained overnight through a sieve with a piece of kitchen paper in it. This was to thicken it up, as it’s quite runny. You could use Greek yoghurt instead, and of course it doesn’t have to be low fat or fat free if you don’t want it to be!

I had about 200g of yoghurt, and I added 1tbsp of choc shot. Which I guess is about 40 calories?  In Slimming World terms it’s 2 syns for 1 tbsp, and the yoghurt is ‘free’. So only 2 syns for the whole lot!

A quick mix and it looks like this, and tastes pretty good as it is!  It still has that tartness that comes with plain yoghurt, so you might want to add more choc shot if you want it more chocolatey, or serene of some kind (maybe sweet freedom) to take away the tartness.      

A quick whiz in the ice cream maker. (It’s this Andrew James one – isn’t it pretty?! – I got it from here, and into the freezer to firm up.

I forgot to take a photo before I ate some of it, but here it is.. I put it in the fridge to soften for a couple of hours before eating it to get it to scoopable consistency. And it was delicious! Creamy texture, a bit tart and chocolatey, coconuty yum.

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