Hand Painted Herb Labels

Hand Painted Herb Labels

I can never find herb labels that are pretty and where the range covers all of the herbs I have. So I did a search on Pinterest, and found this idea for painting pebbles.  (Here).

The paint is Decoart Patio Paint, and the cheapest place I found was BG Payne Crafts, which is in Lancashire, but they do mail order. The paint is waterproof and non toxic. There are loads of colours and they stock a really good range. It was difficult to choose which ones I wanted, and I forgot to order a green one, but it was easy to mix a green as I had bought blue and yellow.

I have pebbles in my garden, so I chose the smallest, flattest ones. If you don’t have any, then garden centres always do.

I just did random patterns, and then painted the names over the top. I used cheap kids brushes from Wilkos. I love these as they are only £1.00, and each one is a different size/shape.

It was really easy, and a fun afternoon in the sun in the garden. My 5 year daughter also did a load of stones. Not sure what she is going to do with hers, will probably find them randomly in the garden!

So here they are, we’ve brought them inside to dry thoroughly for a few days, and I will post a photo of them in situ soon.


Here they are in place!

I think Chives and Apple Mint are my favourites. Which is yours?

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