Raised beds 2015


This year I’ve given over one of my raised beds to become a cutting patch, whilst the other one is for veg. 

Here is the cutting patch one, mostly planted out mid May:

   I’ve built a cage of canes for the plants to grow through, and have planted Dahlias, cosmos, cornflower, zinnias. With a variety of marigolds and nasturtiums at the front. 

The dahlias all have copper bands round them, and the blue dots you can see are slug pellets. Last year the little blighters massacred my dahlias😈 This year it’s a war I’m determined to win!

The veg bed is bigger and has a yellow courgette, a range of broccoli, some beans and  cucamelon growing up the tripod. I’ve also sown some beetroot and a couple of butternut squash seeds. And again a range of marigolds and nasturtium around the edge. 


This is what they look like today (bank holiday Monday). Will add some update photos in a couple of weeks. 

Update 14th June – I’ve already had some cosmos and callendula flowers, and everything is coming along a treat. 

I put some covers over the beetroot seedlings to give extra protection from the cat, and one of the butternut squash seeds that I sowed in May has just popped up. 



June update. End of June, so about 6 weeks after planting out. 

  You can’t see it as I just picked them, but Cosmos, calendula and cornflowers all beginning to flower. . As are sweetpeas (growing elsewhere in the garden). Marigold Sunset Buff is going great guns. One Dahlia just popped out its first flower and some of the others are not far behind. Zinnias are still growing taller, and a couple have given one flower. If they don’t increase much in height I will put them in front of the cornflowers next year as the cornflowers are huge!

Picked this bundle of goodies this evening. 



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