Low(er) calorie rice pudding


This is a version of Nigella’s rice pudding from ‘How To Eat’, which is one of her first, and in my opinion, definitely her best cookery book. Find it here

I love rice pudding, and I’ve adapted it to make it a larger dish and a little lower calorie. It’s still lovely and creamy, but less sweet and rich than the original. My daughter loves it, my parents less so as it wasn’t sweet enough for them!

I doubled the ingredients except the sugar and butter (I drastically reduce the butter). I omitted the grated nutmeg too, but you don’t need to (she sprinkles it on before putting in the oven) She uses full fat milk, I use semi-skimmed. I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with skimmed. Let me know if you try it!

120g pudding rice
40g brown sugar (any sugar will do)
1 litre semi-skimmed milk
Good teaspoon of vanilla bean paste or vanilla essence
A few blobs of butter

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees centigrade.

Put the rice in a baking dish

Add the sugar and pour over the milk

Add the vanilla


And give it all a good stir.
Dot a bit of butter over the top (it will float).

Pop it in the oven and give a stir after about half an hour. It should be ready after about an hour and a half to two hours. Keep an eye on it as towards the end the milk seems to be absorbed quickly and it can end up a bit thick. In which case just add a little milk as you serve it if you like a more runny consistency.

Eat and enjoy! It also freezes well in portions (if it lasts that long!)


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