Homemade Cute Cotton Windbreak


Ever since I was a child I have loved camping, and I’m hopeful that my daughter is learning to share my passion.

Recently I bought us a gorgeous 4 metre canvas bell tent from Boutique Camping



It’s brilliant for a single mum like me as it can be out up by one person. You just peg it out, shove in the centre pole and the a frame for the door, and away you go.

When we went camping this Easter it was quite windy so I used our horrible, cheap plastic windbreaks in front of the tent.
Pretty fire, ugly windbreak!


It really didn’t go with the lovely creamy beige canvas tent. So I thought I would buy a cotton one. Then I looked online, saw they were upwards of ¬£60 and thought again. I decided to reuse the poles from the ugly one and make one myself, using some funky fabric from Ikea that I’ve had in my stash for ages. I figure if it gets dirty or wet I can just chuck it in the washing machine and it will look like new!

Step 1 – measure your current windbreak. Mine is about 30 inches between poles and about 4 inches for each pole loop. If you are starting from scratch (it is possible to buy windbreak poles) then you could use these dimensions. Measure the height of your windbreak too. Mine was around 36 inches (the fabric not the poles). I had about 167 inches of the ikea fabric, so worked out I could use 6 poles with a distance of about 27 inches between them.

Step 2 – cut your fabric to the right height/length. Remember to include extra for seam allowance. I cut mine to 40 inches high, and used all of the length I had. Make sure your pattern works horizontally!

Step 3 – hem all around the fabric.


Step 4 – stitch a channel for a pole at each end of your fabric. Mine were 4 inches of fabric (so 2 inches when folded). Check to make sure it fits!



Step 5 – measure up and pin all of the middle pole channels.




Take care to ensure they are straight (I think mine are a bit wonky because I wasn’t as careful as I could have been).

Step 6 – sew all of the middle pole channels. And insert the poles. Et voila! Not bad for an hour and a halfs work.

I’m going camping this weekend so will post some pictures of it in use.



Here it is in action.



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