Low fat flapjack


Ok, so no flapjack is going to be low fat, but I invented this quite a few years ago, and it’s lower fat and sugar than a traditional flapjack recipe. I’ve gone as low as I can whilst still making something that (on the whole) sticks together.

It’s based on a recipe in Leith’s Cookery Bible, but I’ve fiddled around with it quite significantly. I will give the original ingredients too so you can make that too if you want to compare and contrast.

Its in ounces, which shows that I did it a long time ago, as I typically use grams now.

– 6oz butter (same as original recipe)
– 2oz soft brown sugar (4oz in original recipe)
– 2oz golden syrup (same as original recipe)
– 12oz rolled oats (8oz in original recipe)
Plus whatever you like to add in – I used a handful of whole hazelnuts, a handful of sliced almonds, half a pack of chocolate chips, a handful of mixed seeds, and a handful of freeze dried strawberries and raspberries.

Melt the butter and stir in the sugar and syrup until melted.

Mix in the oats and other ingredients until they are well coated. If you are using chocolate chips, add them at the end when it has cooled a little, otherwise they will melt.

Spread into a baking tin and press down.

Bake at 190 degrees centigrade for about half an hour until nicely brown.

Mark into squares when still hot. It will seem very crumbly at this stage but will firm up when it cools.







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