Two Fruit Cheeses


With the recent glut of fruits available I decided to have a go at making a couple of different fruit cheeses.

The first I attempted was damson cheese with some cute little damsons I bought from my fantastic local farm shop Priory Farm which is frequented by none other than Dame Judy Dench.

I used a recipe from Vivien Lloyd, which can be found here.

It’s pretty straightforward. You just cook the damsons with some water until they are soft.

Then push them through a sieve.

Weigh the purée and then pop it back in the pan and cook until it is thick.

Then add the same weight sugar as purée and cook until it is thick and glossy and when you push the spoon along the bottom of the pan it leaves a clear trail.


I put mine into sterilised small jars which I bought from The Bristol Bottle Company.


I also put a bit into silicone chocolate moulds to make small sweets.

Which I subsequently covered in chocolate.


I’ve not tasted the stuff in the jars yet (they will be Christmas presents), but the chocolate covered sweets were absolutely delicious.

And last night I made pear and apple cheese with a recipe from the fabulous Pam Corbin from River Cottage. The recipe is on the channel 4 website here

The apples were some of the ones me and the little munchkin picked from RHS Wisley

The technique was basically the same, except I had to peel, chop and core the apples and pears before cooking them. And she recommends a smaller amout of sugar (75% of the weight of the purée). This might be because these fruits are naturally sweeter than damsons.

I cooked them

Pushed them through a sieve.

Using a ladle is a top tip.
Cooked with the sugar (I also added a cinnamon stick)

Until it was thick, glossy and much darker than before.

This time I filled six small jars, a silicone 6 cupcake tray (brushed with a little glycerine which is supposed to make it easy to turn out), and a small loaf tin lined with grease proof paper. With the loaf tin I poured it about 3cm deep, and I intend to cut it into cubes and either roll in sugar or dip in chocolate.

I’m leaving them all for several days to be properly set, and will then turn out the cupcake tray and loaf tin. I will add extra photos then!


Yum yum!


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