A tale of two sheds


When I moved into this place, it had the world’s largest shed. A proper man cave, it was actually a shed with an extension on the front, and was 20ft wide by 16ft deep.

It wasn’t the best looking thing in the world, but I did have the idea of turning it into a summer house. Until I took a proper look at it.

According to the neighbours it had been up for about 20 years, and it was a bit rotten in places. So I decided to take it down. Which was easier said than done! As you can see from these photos which were taken during the demolition, it was actually well constructed, and at one point I thought it was going to fall into the neighbours garden! The shed was only a foot from the fences of three different neighbours, so we could only attack it from the front.

First I got an electrician to take out all of the dodgy electrics so that I wouldn’t get electrocuted.

Then my Sister’s boyfriend came to help, and it took us about 5 hours to kill the beast!

First the front came off. You can see the original shed at the back.




This was the trickiest bit – how to get the roof at the back down! It was thick chipboard with heavy duty felt on top (much thicker than regular roof felt) fastened down with proper nails rather than felt tacks. It took us ages to figure out a way


The answer was to saw through it in sections with the jig saw until we weakened it sufficiently to pull it down. At one point it was leaning precariously to the left, right next to the neighbours shed.

All of this was achieved with two people, a lump hammer, an iron bar, a cordless drill and a jig saw (a complete life saver – couldn’t have done it without this). Oh and a rope which we used to pull it down and to stop it toppling sideways into the neighbours garden.

As you can see from the last picture, I ended up with a huge pile of wood to deal with. I had a moment of inspiration, and decided to freecycle it as much of it was in quite good condition. The response was brilliant and I got rid of at least half of it. One lovely guy even sorted out which wood he wanted, then swept the floor! I then got a company to come and get rid of the rest. It cost me £180, which was cheaper than getting a skip, and I didn’t have to cart it all to the front of the house. Bargain! I had been quoted £1600 by a gardening company to pull it down and take it away. So I was quite happy with my saving!

To replace it I chose a cheap 8×6 shed from Shedstore. It cost about £220, and I paid an extra £99 to them for someone to build it for me.

The Shedstore website is easy to navigate, and delivery was pretty prompt. However, I’ve had a series of problems with the shed itself. As its a cheap shed, the quality isn’t great, so various bit have broken before the shed was constructed. So when the guys came to build it, some of the pieces were the wrong size and another broke. They were supposed to report this, but in fact it only got reported when I phoned up. I contacted Shedstore, and they were rubbish – basically ignored my email then blamed the manufacturer and told me to phone them.

Anyhow, eventually new pieces arrived and I arranged for the guys to come again and build it. They then discovered another broken bit. But fortunately we agreed they would screw it together and just build it. I couldn’t wait any longer. From order to it finally being built took about two months!

They dont contact you to arrange construction until the shed has been delivered. And then it can take several weeks to get a date. My advice would be to try and get round this by contacting them directly to book an appointment before the shed arrives. I did this when waiting for the replacement parts and it definitely speeded things up.

I have painted it in Seagrass and Jasmine White by Cuprinol, and am really happy with how it looks. I’ve only gone for one coat of the Seagrass as it has soaked in to the rough wood, and I like the current depth of colour. It looks like a little beach hut at the end of my garden. And matches beautifully the parasol I have over my patio furniture.


On reflection, I would have spent more and gone for a proper tongue and groove shed. I particularly realised this when my daughters new playhouse arrived (more of that in another post) which was much higher quality. I definitely got what I paid for. But it’s cute and it does the job. Now I just have to try and fit everything that was in the old shed in the new one!


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