Simple Stripey Baby Blanket


My Mentee at work is just going off to have a baby, and I thought it would be nice to make a present for her.

I have been having a big de-stash recently, but still have loads of different coloured balls of Drops Paris 100% cotton, which I thought would be perfect. So much baby stuff is either pink or blue or neutrals, and I thought it would be nice to have something brightly coloured.

The pattern is really simple. I cast on 75 stitches on 5mm needles, and knit four rows per colour in garter stitch. After every 4th colour I did two rows of white. I used 14 colours, but it doesn’t matter how many colours you have really. I tried to alternate a light and a dark colour, but really it was fairly random. After I had used all 14 colours I repeated them twice more in the same order.

It’s amazing how a boring repetitive pattern is made much more interesting to knit simply by switching colours every few rows. I actually enjoyed knitting this, and it only took a few evenings as the yarn is quite chunky and knits up really fast.

As you can imagine, sewing in the ends was a bit of a chore, but actually I did it watching just one episode of CSI!


I then croched the edges in white (double crochet stitch).

And here she is…


It’s not overly huge (50cm x 72cm), meant really as a pram blanket. But lovely and soft, and I hope she loves it.


And it even looks quite nice on the reverse side.



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