Cheats Chocolate and Orange Cookies


I love baking, but sometimes even I like to cheat and make something with minimal effort and fuss. And that is where the lovely Iris at Baked By Me comes in. She sells a great range of cookie mixes and fantastic bakeware.

My last week in my current job starts tomorrow, so I thought I would take in some cookies as a treat for my colleagues. Of course I decided this at 8.30pm in Sunday night, so I needed something quick and easy.

I always keep a packet or two of Iris’ cookie mixes in the cupboard. I decided to use the Double Chocolate one, and pimp it up with some orange zest.

After mixing some soft butter and an eg together I tipped in the contents of the mix. The chocolate chips come separately from the rest of the mix, so I put half in the mix, an saved the rest for later. I also grated in the rind of an orange.


A quick mix is all it needs, and then put walnut sized dollops on a baking tray. It’s quite sticky, but I don’t add extra flour as it makes lovely flat and slightly chewy cookies.


Bake for 8-10mins at 180.

When they’re done whip them out and sprinkle with the remaining chocolate chips.


Eat when cold. If you can wait that long!


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