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Patchwork Wall


Continuing my obsession with patchwork, I decided to embark on trying a patchwork wall for my daughter’s room.

First step was to gather lots and lots of pieces of wallpaper in similar colours. I went for pinks, blues and neutrals. Despite the fact it was for a two year old’s room, I didn’t want it to be really childish, so I just collected a smattering of children’s wallpapers (Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses etc.).

I used a mixture of freebie samples from Homebase and B&Q and loads of samples from Wallpaper Direct. These come in A4 size and the first two in your order are free then they’re about 75p each. It’s not a cheap way of buying large amounts of wallpaper but you can get some gorgeous, expensive wallpapers to really make the wall look special. You can also search by colour or design (e.g. Flowers). A couple of my favourites were by Pip Studio. And I really learnt through this process that with wallpaper you do get what you pay for. The more expensive ones were much thicker and so much easier to put up.

With the samples which were not already A4 size I cut them up trying to keep the edges as straight as possible. I made them different sizes and if any of them had interesting designs I tried to get the best bit in the middle.

I then pressed the whole lot under some heavy books for a few days to make sure they were flat (as some of them had been rolled up for several days). I had no idea how much I would need so I laid them out on my bed to see how much space it would cover.


Figuring I had about enough – about 100 pieces for a 224cm by 247cm wall, I decided to go ahead.

The first stage was to put up the most important ones (to my daughter) – so
up went Peppa, Princesses, Poo and Tinky Winky – scattered about the wall.


I used regular wallpaper paste and tried to go right to the edges on each piece.

Then I just built it up. Overlapping pieces as I went.


It was pretty easy to be honest. But much more time consuming than just hanging wallpaper the usual way. From time to time I had to cut pieces to fit a gap, but generally I used the pieces whole. I found it good to work quite quickly, and I finished all the pieces all in one go as it was quite easy to slide around and reposition the pieces as the paste stays wet for a while.

And here is the finished article:




I didn’t quite have enough to finish the wall – so there is a bit behind the drawers that is not quite done yet! I reckon another 10-15 pieces will do it. And I’m still sticking down the edges and rolling them to get them really flat. You need to let the wallpaper dry overnight to really see which edges are sticking out. I’m using leftover wallpaper paste but may have to go for wallpaper edging glue if I have any stubborn edges.

And the first thing my daughter said when she saw it…..WOW!

Update – October 2018

I have discovered that the best thing about this is that you can just update it when you get bored or grow out of it. 6 years ago my daughter liked Peppa Pig – now it’s all unicorns and fairies. So we just covered over the bits that she thought were too baby-ish with some more current designs. Half an hour of sticking with wallpaper adhesive (the stuff in a tube), and bob’s your uncle! It looks similar, but more age appropriate for an 8 year old.