Perfect Patchwork


I’m beginning to develop an obsession with patchwork in all it’s various forms.

My Daughter has a beautiful patchwork throw – I’m ashamed to say I didn’t make it as it’s from Mamas and Papas (bought in the sale of course).


And I’m thinking of doing patchwork wallpaper in complementary colours in her new room. Like this:


This blog has some great examples of patchwork wallpaper.

But my real obsession at the moment is patchwork furniture. Bold but gorgeous.

This beauty is from ID UK Patriot

Which I think is less eyewateringly expensive than the mother of all patchwork furniture people Squint Ltd. These are some of their offerings:




This one is a bit more shabby chic.


Found it in this blog about Leslieville in Totonto. Coincidentally one of my favourite places in Canada.

Short of taking out a second mortgage I think I will have to just dream. Or take a furniture upholstery course and get my trusty sewing machine out. Anybody tried reupholstering a sofa in patchwork?


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