Why is buying a house so difficult?


Now I have bought houses before, but I must have forgotten just how much of emotional roller coaster it is.

Maybe it’s that I’m now buying with a two year old in mind, who has a nursery to attend and will go to school in a couple of years. The fact I recently separated from my husband and am also trying to negotiate our separation agreement at the same time probably doesn’t help either!

I was thrilled when after about 12 viewings I found my dream house. Cute terraced cottage – close to a nice little primary school; rural, but not too isolated; fantastic gardens at front and back; plenty of parking – perfect……..

Or not.

The gods of property search were shining on me when I randomly discovered that a field out the back of the house was one of the council’s ‘preferred sites’ for sand quarrying. A bit of a chat with the council, who told me it was quite likely to happen, and I run for the hills. Not surprisingly it is still on the market.

So another 10 viewings later and I’ve found dream house number two. Nice sized semi with potential for a lovely garden (once I’ve pulled up the paving) and planning permission for an extension. It’s down the road from H’s nursery and close to the local school. And the best bit is that it has the world’s largest shed. Which I’m going to convert into a summer house/playroom. It’s nice enough to live in, but needs enough work that I can definitely put my stamp on it. Ideas are all flying madly around my brain already.

Offer is accepted, mortgage applied for. Fingers,toes and everything else crossed it all goes through and we are in before the summer ends.

Wish me luck!


See for an update, and top tips!


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