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Luscious Lavender


So in lieu of being able to actually do any gardening or DIY (until we move in) and a bit of RSI preventing any knitting or crochet, I’ve been daydreaming and planning.

I’ve got a dream of a gorgeous smelling cottage style garden with a cool summerhouse/playroom made out of the converted shed.

As the garden is currently paved over it’s definitely a blank canvas.

A bit of web surfing has turned up some lovely pictures to inspire me which I thought I would share with you below. Links to the relevant sites are also given.

I’m a huge fan of lavender and love the look of this lavender patch, in particular the use of different types and colours of lavender:



I am really looking forward to planting my own patch.

I also can’t wait to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm which is nearby. The lavender is almost out and I think I might take my camera and take a few snaps of the munchkin. They even have an annual photo competition. Check out last year’s winner.


I have already bought a couple of plants from there, including one with beautiful pink flowers which is thriving on my balcony, despite the attention of the local pigeons.

I also like the look of this lovely wheelbarrow:


Lavender wheelbarrow

What I have been surprised to find is the different types of lavender have very different scents” some more medicinal smelling than others. I also guess they will thrive in different conditions, but I’m not really sure. Anyone know?