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Perfect Patchwork


I’m beginning to develop an obsession with patchwork in all it’s various forms.

My Daughter has a beautiful patchwork throw – I’m ashamed to say I didn’t make it as it’s from Mamas and Papas (bought in the sale of course).


And I’m thinking of doing patchwork wallpaper in complementary colours in her new room. Like this:


This blog has some great examples of patchwork wallpaper.

But my real obsession at the moment is patchwork furniture. Bold but gorgeous.

This beauty is from ID UK Patriot

Which I think is less eyewateringly expensive than the mother of all patchwork furniture people Squint Ltd. These are some of their offerings:




This one is a bit more shabby chic.


Found it in this blog about Leslieville in Totonto. Coincidentally one of my favourite places in Canada.

Short of taking out a second mortgage I think I will have to just dream. Or take a furniture upholstery course and get my trusty sewing machine out. Anybody tried reupholstering a sofa in patchwork?


Stupendous Summer House


I am soon to be the owner of a shed. Not just any old shed mind you, a 20ft by 15ft shed with power and lighting. That’s massive right? Your average garden shed is 4ft by 6ft. So I’m talking the mother of all sheds. Turns out the last but one owner of the house was a Farrier (that’s a Blacksmith to you and me) and the supersize shed was his workshop. I don’t think horses were involved but you never know!

My first thought was to tear it down, after all another 15ft of garden is not to sniffed at. Then I bought a copy of last month’s Living Etc. Magazine and looking at the cover photo inspired a quite frankly brilliant idea in me. Why not turn it into a summerhouse? The picture isn’t actually of a summerhouse, but made me think of one!


Check out more pictures here

After all the British summer his hardly stellar but a summerhouse lets you feel like you are outside, whilst sheltering from the rain.

It’s big enough to partition and keep some of it as a shed, with still loads of room to make a beautiful summerhouse. I’m not thinking cream and girly chintz, I’m thinking costal greys – I love the grey painted boards in the photo.

I was also totally inspired by this amazing blog about a beach cottage in Australia. They have the life I want! Beach Cottage

I particularly like their fire pit idea (see photo), though I am also contemplating a mini wood burner like you would find in a barge. The one below is from Machine Mart and is pretty cute, though I imagine you’d have to cut up the logs pretty small.



And finally….some summerhouse porn. Which do you like best?

Like the door on this one from Hereford Stables

Love the veranda on this one from UKs No1 Summerhouses (nice name!)

Or how about this one from Green Man Design? Cute!


Inspire me with your ideas!

Luscious Lavender


So in lieu of being able to actually do any gardening or DIY (until we move in) and a bit of RSI preventing any knitting or crochet, I’ve been daydreaming and planning.

I’ve got a dream of a gorgeous smelling cottage style garden with a cool summerhouse/playroom made out of the converted shed.

As the garden is currently paved over it’s definitely a blank canvas.

A bit of web surfing has turned up some lovely pictures to inspire me which I thought I would share with you below. Links to the relevant sites are also given.

I’m a huge fan of lavender and love the look of this lavender patch, in particular the use of different types and colours of lavender:



I am really looking forward to planting my own patch.

I also can’t wait to visit Mayfield Lavender Farm which is nearby. The lavender is almost out and I think I might take my camera and take a few snaps of the munchkin. They even have an annual photo competition. Check out last year’s winner.


I have already bought a couple of plants from there, including one with beautiful pink flowers which is thriving on my balcony, despite the attention of the local pigeons.

I also like the look of this lovely wheelbarrow:


Lavender wheelbarrow

What I have been surprised to find is the different types of lavender have very different scents” some more medicinal smelling than others. I also guess they will thrive in different conditions, but I’m not really sure. Anyone know?

Why is buying a house so difficult?


Now I have bought houses before, but I must have forgotten just how much of emotional roller coaster it is.

Maybe it’s that I’m now buying with a two year old in mind, who has a nursery to attend and will go to school in a couple of years. The fact I recently separated from my husband and am also trying to negotiate our separation agreement at the same time probably doesn’t help either!

I was thrilled when after about 12 viewings I found my dream house. Cute terraced cottage – close to a nice little primary school; rural, but not too isolated; fantastic gardens at front and back; plenty of parking – perfect……..

Or not.

The gods of property search were shining on me when I randomly discovered that a field out the back of the house was one of the council’s ‘preferred sites’ for sand quarrying. A bit of a chat with the council, who told me it was quite likely to happen, and I run for the hills. Not surprisingly it is still on the market.

So another 10 viewings later and I’ve found dream house number two. Nice sized semi with potential for a lovely garden (once I’ve pulled up the paving) and planning permission for an extension. It’s down the road from H’s nursery and close to the local school. And the best bit is that it has the world’s largest shed. Which I’m going to convert into a summer house/playroom. It’s nice enough to live in, but needs enough work that I can definitely put my stamp on it. Ideas are all flying madly around my brain already.

Offer is accepted, mortgage applied for. Fingers,toes and everything else crossed it all goes through and we are in before the summer ends.

Wish me luck!


See for an update, and top tips!